Animist Policy Network

The Spirit World Center invites leading thinkers, experienced professionals, and thought leaders to engage in collaborative research on the implications of animist philosophy on land use policy, economic policy, and environmental policy.

The Animist Policy Network (APN) seeks to develop and encourage animist-informed policy at both a global and local level. Additionally, the network works to develop educational materials with which to communicate animist ideas within the wider society.

Please submit an application below to indicate your interest in taking part in this endeavor. Applicants must meet certain qualifications, including a strong background in at least one of the aforementioned policy domains, or a high-level of fluency (either practical or academic) with animist philosophy and ideas.

The mission statement of the APN:

  • “We provide practical policies and information based on experience (both physical and spiritual). We reject over-intellectualization, and focus on the immediate felt-experience of a reality in which consciousness exists within all things. From this first-hand insight, which is accesible to everyone through the proper techniques, a broad range of public policy implications emerge.”

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