Certificate of Completion

We offer a Certificate of Completion to all students who finish their apprenticeship training. Approximately 18 months of training is necessary to complete one’s apprenticeship. To finalize their training a student must first show their mastery of the core shamanic techniques as set out in the curriculum of the apprenticeship program.

A Certificate of Completion is offered to publicly acknowledge the dedication and effort that the student has placed in their studies, and to recognize the great spiritual growth which the student has achieved.

Once a student receives their Certificate of Completion, they are eligible to enter our Studies in Advanced Shamanism (SAS) program. Within the SAS program we go beyond the core topics of Spirit-Based Shamanism and conduct in-depth explorations of further topics including channeling, energy work, and past-life healing.

Please Note

A Certificate of Completion is not intended to convey that a person is a shaman, shamanic teacher, shamanic practitioner, or shamanic healer. Rather, it is a public acknowledgment of the effort and dedication of that person to develop themselves shamanically.

The Spirit World Center does not certify nor endorse any person as a shamanshamanic teacher, shamanic practitioner, or shamanic healer. This is something that is up to the spirits, and is not a title or endorsement that can be granted to you by any human being.

What makes a person a shamanic practitioner (or any of the other titles above) are successful results applying shamanic techniques among one’s community and while working with the spirits.