Laova is a Canadian artist who began her career in the province of Quebec. She now lives with her partner in Ontario. Laova has been passionate about art since her youth. Largely self-taught, in her younger days she devoured books on drawing techniques (in particular anatomy and the creation of fantastic/surreal characters). She grew up surrounded by nature, and quickly discovered the importance of connecting with it. Nature plays a central role in her art.

Laova is best described as a “visionary artist” and shamanic practitioner. In her artwork she incorporates spiritual depictions of plants, animals, sacred symbols, sacred geometry, archetypes, and feminine energies to express spiritual insights from her shamanic journeys. She has developed a unique creative bond with her spirit guides and works with them in order to pass their messages and energies into our physical reality. In this way, she creates a bridge between our reality and the invisible worlds.

Laova grew up with the gift of “sensitivity”. She had paranormal experiences (meetings with spirits) that manifested sporadically throughout her youth. These events became more and more frequent at a time in her life when she began to meditate on a daily basis. She was not afraid when these meetings began to occur, but she did not know what to do or how to help them. This put her on a quest to find understanding. Her path led her to meet and work with shamans and shamanic practitioners from many different traditions and lineages. She embarked on the path of a shamanic practitioner, being led by her guides and the wisdom of the ages.

Laova holds a certificate in visual arts from Laval University and is a certified creativity coach with the Kaizen-Muse method.

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Watercolor & Mixed Media


Appearance in “Tout Inclu” on Radio-Canada Television – June 2019

Laova (Jacqueline) appears in this episode about visual artists in the area of Gatineau, Quebec.

She appears at 13:00 min.

Authenticity – May 2019

Solo Exhibition, Mulligan Coffee, Aylmer, Canada.

FemmExpo : Mutation – March 2019

Selected by jury, Centre culturel de la MRC de Papineauville, Saint-André-Avellin, Canada.

Uncovered Art Canada – March 2019

Collective Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.

RAW Artist: REFLECT – Mars 2019

Collective Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.

Wall-Candy  – November 2018

Collective Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.

Corrid’art – October 2018

Collective Exhibition, Aylmer, Canada.

Vice Numérique  – Juny 2018

Artist Center : Voix Visuelle, Ottawa, Canada

Laova (Jacqueline) received the 3rd choice of the jury
with her Digital art piece ” Identity”.

Ottawa Tulip Festival  – May 2018

Selected by jury, Ottawa, Canada.

Corrid’art – October 2017

Collective Exhibition, Aylmer, Canada.

Corrid’art – October 2016

Collective Exhibition, Aylmer, Canada.